Melissa Simpson is a professional Television and Theatre Actress.

After joining The Television Workshop in Nottingham in 1998, Melissa developed a huge passion for Drama and this passion has stayed with her ever since. Although Melissa considers acting as her main 'craft' she also trained as a dancer for 10 years and enjoys singing acoustically in various styles. 

Melissa is also a drama practitioner/director and runs a successful business developing young talent through drama workshops in the midlands called Urban Young Actors. She has also recently co-produced three short films, one of which (Swagger Wars) is in post-production, 'Respect Me' was recently launched and  'Big Society' is currently gaining much success having just won Best Short Film at Bornshorts Film Festival in Denmark and has been nominated in the Grand Prix competition at 'Brief Encounters' Festival in Bristol.

Click here to see Big Society

Click here to see Respect Me



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